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Appellate Litigation

Experienced at All Levels of Litigation

Thorpe Shwer has an active appellate practice.  Our firm frequently handles cases with critical implications for entire industries, where the rationale for the decision is as important as the result.  We have substantial experience representing clients in federal and state appellate courts, including the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the Arizona Court of Appeals, and the Arizona Supreme Court, as well as appellate courts in a number of other jurisdictions. In addition to handling the appellate work for our own cases, our reputation for prevailing in complex, sophisticated cases has made us a go-to firm for other law firms in need of experienced appellate counsel. 

Developing a Winning Appellate Strategy and Focus

At Thorpe Shwer, our attorneys take a strategic approach to appellate practice.  We thoroughly review each case to identify and focus on the strongest issues for appeal.   Success at the appellate level requires a keen understanding of the substantive law combined with excellent research, writing, and oral advocacy skills.  Our attorneys are at the top of their fields of practice and know how to prepare and present a persuasive case to the appellate courts.  We also have a deep knowledge of the Arizona appellate bench as our attorneys have briefed and argued dozens of appeals in Arizona.

Full-Service Appellate Litigation Practice

Thorpe Shwer offers a full-service litigation practice with attorneys experienced in taking a wide array of civil cases from the filing of a complaint to trial and through appeal.   When working up cases and trying them, our practitioners continuously keep an eye out for appellate issues and evaluate how to best preserve the record for appeal.  The knowledge and focus our appellate team brings to each case is critical because the process can be complex and outcomes hinge upon the dedication and experience of the attorneys involved.