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Commercial Real Estate

Thorpe Shwer is committed to providing the legal advice and advocacy clients need to succeed in the commercial real estate sector.  Our attorneys are well known throughout the industry for their creative and individualized approach to conflict resolution.  Although we are recognized as seasoned trial lawyers who will not hesitate to take a case through trial and appeal, we seek to avoid litigation when it is in our clients’ best interests to do so.  Our lawyers think outside of the box to devise workable solutions to high-stakes real estate conflicts.  Often this means reworking the terms of a deal or restructuring a transaction in a manner that puts an end to a dispute while satisfying the needs of all parties involved. 

The attorneys at Thorpe Shwer have developed a nationwide base of industry clients, ranging from commercial property owners, homeowners’ associations, landlords, and tenants to developers, builders, and investors.  We strive to establish and maintain strong partnerships with our clients, working directly with them to address a wide range of commercial property disputes, including:

  • Homeowners’ association (HOA) disputes
  • Construction litigation
  • Lease disputes
  • Property management agreement litigation
  • Commercial landlord/tenant issues
  • Forceful entry and detainers

Our attorneys not only know what the law demands, we understand what is at risk for our clients.  When controversies arise, we act quickly, applying a business mindset to help our clients develop strategies that best fit their short and long-term commercial objectives.